Let's make you exclusive

Luxury is not about price, scale and opulence. Luxury is a sensation, and at Artfoto, luxury is about the perfect experience. We photograph your wedding in a way no others can. Artfoto is more than just a collection of images and videos for your wedding, it is about what is priceless tomorrow.

Our work is private, personal and always exclusive. 


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Our prenuptial portraiture is one of a kind.

Remember yourself like this for the rest of your life - precious, timeless, eternal.

The Artfoto Signature Editorial


Carefully curated cover shoots which break away from the conventional pre-wedding shoots are Artfoto essentials. These Signature Editorials are accompanied with the magic of the finest hair and makeup artists, ateliers and jewellers in India.  


Artfoto Films

If you had one chance to define where you belong and write a story about yourself, you will realise how many people in your world have influenced your life. Getting married takes two people and their families to a turning point in their lives that brings everyone together.


Imagine if you could pause this moment forever.